Industrial Centres of HOPE - ICoHOPE Panipat

At Panipat, visit to the factories were very fruitful. Some factory officials ICOH center in Panipateven suggested their opinion in terms of the location of the prospective centre.

Through a community survey we got the chance to meet people from diverse walks of life in Panipat that included Pradhans (village head) / school teachers / family of factory workers and worker’s children. Most of the factory workers face financial crunch. Some of the workers work extra hours and days to meet their family needs, often forsaking holidays. But when informed about the programmes to be initiated through the Industrial Centre of HOPE at Panipat, they were very excited. One of the factory workers said that he had left his wife and child back in his native village as he could not afford the high cost of education for a child in the city. But after our staff explained to him about the project and future for his children, he is planning to bring his family to Panipat and get his child admitted in our school.

Programmes at the Industrial Centre of HOPE-Panipat:

  • Play school
  • Adult Education
  • Tuition centre
  • Computer Training Centre
  • Tailoring training / English speaking course.


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