Industrial Centres of HOPE - ICoHOPE Moradabad

The Industrial Centre of HOPE, Moradabad is located in Shivaji Nagar and JP Nagar. These locations were identified and selected as the area was home to many factory workers who find cheap accommodation here. The facility is catering to the beneficiaries who are very poor. The programmes offered to the community to boost their employability through this centre are as follows:

Computer Training – Four batches of students learn computer fundamental like MS-DOS, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS- Power Point and Word pad.

Spoken English – The centre teaches this course to help the students improve both in pronunciation and writing skills in English.

Beautician Training – The students are trained to be professional beauticians. Students are very excited to learn and many of them have even started earning by working from their homes.

Sewing – The centre imparts sewing skills to students, who go on to become entrepreneurs or work in garment factories.

Tuition – The centre gives extra classes to the students of 1st to 8th standards from different schools.

Playschool – We have nursery, lower and upper kindergarten, and standards one and two. We have students from families of factory workers and other poor households


Hope is Good for Lucky

In 2006, Time magazine reported that approximately 80 percent of Indians live on less than $US 2 per day. Some, however, live on much less.

Take Lucky for example. His father works as a fruit vendor for which he earns Rs. 1500 per month – or a bit more than a dollar per day. With this, he must feed, clothe and house himself, his wife, Lucky, and three other children. Although basic foodstuffs are cheaper here than in the West, no one can survive on 20 cents a day. Of course a better job would earn Lucky’s father better pay, but you need an education for that and education requires money – something neither Lucky’s parents nor their parents ever had enough of.

This year, however, a young neighbour, Mithun, mentioned that he was getting an education through ICoHOPE School. Immediately excited, Lucky’s parents brought their son to us and Lucky was soon enrolled in our lower kindergarten class.

Today, he is progressing through the education his parents never had: already Lucky knows the rudiments of reading and writing; he draws, he runs, he plays, and he throws himself into his school life with joy and vigor. Truly, HOPE is good for Lucky.



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