Centre of HOPE - Mumbai CDP

Hailed as the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, however stands as a living testament of what ails the country. On the one side, it boasts of having the largest number of millionaires and at the same time has space for the largest slum in Asia, known as Dharavi. The poverty in the city as well as its suburbs is pervasive and as such providing quality education and basic healthcare are areas of concern. Even though the city boasts of a number of schools and colleges, a vast number of young men and women are denied of education due to lack of money and resources. Lack of education also means lack of awareness towards diseases like HIV/AIDS. In cities like Mumbai, where a vast majority of residents are migrant workers, it is important that AIDS awareness is spread. Most of these workers leave their family behind in their native villages and come to the city to earn their living. A majority of them indulge in unsafe sex and end up getting infected.

Similar to Mumbai is the case of Goa, where HIV/AIDS awareness is at its lowest. HOPE worldwide is directly involved in addressing the many difficult and diverse issues associated with HIV through the Mumbai and Goa Intervention Centres.

Also, the computer training centres at Mumbai and Pune aim at providing the deprived youth in these two cities the chance to move up in the social as well as financial ladder in the society.

HOPE worldwide has worked in the slums of Mumbai for more than 15 years.

Sumitra´s Story

We have helped many children just like the heroes of "Slumdog Millionaire," and we continue to do so every day.

Sumitra´s lack of computer knowledge and English speaking skills made her unsuitable for most jobs available. Her father works as an electrician and earns around INR 3000 (USD 62) which is not enough to support a family. She enrolled herself with high hopes to the ICoH computer classes. She also took the Spoken English classes to learn to speak confidently in English. After 2 months of joining the courses, Sumitra was able to get a job at a software and networking company with a salary of INR 5000 (USD 104) per month. Sumitra is grateful to Wal-Mart as she now has a reason to smile again.












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