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The sixth most populous state in India, Tamil Nadu, has also the third largest economy among the states of India. Located at the southern peninsula of India, the state’s capital is Chennai. It is one of the better-off states in the country in terms of per capita income, economic growth, and human and social development. However, in spite of some impressive economic performance, poverty remains pervasive, and Tamil Nadu retains the highest levels of inequality in the country. A large section of the population (scheduled castes/tribes, minorities, women) has not benefited from the economic and social development that the state has experienced.

Tamil Nadu’s economy has changed from being mainly agrarian to one led by growth in the services sector. However, high dependency of the population on the agrarian sector points to substantial rural poverty. All estimates of poverty confirm high level of rural poverty, highest among southern states as per official estimates. Unemployment in Tamil Nadu is also the third highest in the country.

Tamil Nadu continues to grapple with the prevalence of highest number of reported HIV/AIDS cases in India. As per the state AIDS Control Society, Tamil Nadu has an alarming figure of 16,000 HIV cases and 8,500 cases of AIDS.

To eradicate poverty and improve healthcare in Tamil Nadu, HOPE worldwide, through its Centre of HOPE at Chennai imparts education to children from slums, trains young men and women in computers and takes care of AIDS affected children and spreads awareness of HIV/AIDS, among others.











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