Centre of HOPE - Kolkata

Capital of the eastern city of West Bengal, the port city of Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) is very vibrant and culturally rich. The famous author, Dominique Lapierre described Kolkata famously as the “City of Joy”. Although, the city boasts of a rich heritage, yet the city is full of poor people. Once the centre of modern education, industry, science culture and politics in India, Kolkata has witnessed intense political violence, clashes, and economic stagnation since 1954.Its population exceeds 15 million. Since the year 2000, economic rejuvenation has spurred on the city's growth, however, like other metropolitan cities in India, Kolkata continues to struggle with the problems of urbanisation: poverty, pollution and traffic congestion. Slums mushroom at an alarming rate. Some analysts put the figure of the number of slum-dwellers in Kolkata at four million. These people live in appalling conditions in the city with no basic sanitation, healthcare and education. Their children are mostly rag-pickers or work as child labourers in nearby houses and factories.

Centre of HOPE, Kolkota

Champahati, 23 kilometers from Kolkata, is a developing town with a population of about 100,000 and its needs are monumental. Child labour is common here as the families are poor and tend to send children to work.Since there is lack of education, most of the people take up odd jobs in Kolkata for survival. The HOPE worldwide school started in September 2008, has been a blessing for the children as it gives them an exposure to education and their only chance to escape ending up as child labourers.


Balai Mondal who is studying in Kindergarten stays with her Aunt in Champahati. His parents stay in the nearby village where his father works as a rickshaw puller and his mother works as a domestic help. This hard working couple desired that their son Balai would receive good education so that he would not have to struggle in life like them. But mischievous Balai did not understand this and once he even ran away from his aunt's place. As the HOPE worldwide staff noticed Balai's indifference in the classroom and aloofness from other children, they counseled Balai. They also talked to his parents about adding up a good family time together with good education. Now Balai gets to spend every weekend with his parents and is giving full attention to his studies. In the recently concluded tests he surprised everybody by scoring the highest marks. He now dreams to be a computer professional one day, a dream we know could be achieved through his hard work and the support of the donors who are the source of encouragement to the HOPE worldwide students and staff.









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