Dr.Abhishek Manu Singhvi
- Member of Parliament
- National Spokesperson,
  Indian National Congress
- Former Additional Solicitor
  General, Government of India

HOPE worldwide has shown genuine, deep, personal interest in the plight of the children. They have persevered and established exciting new computer labs and English instruction in a number of schools, assisted by MPLADS funding facilitated by my office. It is very encouraging to work together.


Centre of HOPE, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

HOPE worldwide started its work in Rajasthan, in April 2009. Its main objective was to empower the children and the youth by providing computer based learning and spoken English training in three government schools in Jodhpur and Pali districts of Rajasthan. The presence of HOPE worldwide staff is welcomed by the local management and has proven to be inspiring for the workers in these government institutions who appreciate the kindness shown. Around 963 students in three schools are benefitting by the work created as a result of Dr. A.M.Singhvi’s MPLADS (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) funding, 518 children in Shri Sultan Senior Secondary School, Pali, 114 students of Rajkiya Secondary Vidyalaya, Jodhpur and 331 students in Govt. Secondary School, Maderna Colony, Jodhpur.

After school tuition classes is also benefitting many students to clear their doubts with the help of one to one mentoring and to catch up with the curriculum of their school. Presently 59 students are availing to the opportunity, 32 students of Govt.Middle School, Policeline, Jodhpur and 27 students of Govt. Middle School, Maderna Colony, Jodhpur.

The two computer labs which started its classes in the month of May,2010, is benefitting 60 students of Government Senior Secondary School, Pali, and 8 students of Govt. Secondary School, Maderna Colony, Jodhpur.


The Unsung Hero of Pali District

‘A good teacher is like a candle,’ says Kanhaiyalal Chouhan, ‘which consumes itself to light the way for others.’

The epigram is an excellent description of Mr. Chouhan himself – a political science teacher at Sri Sultan Government Secondary School and a long standing crusader for the underprivileged in his home state of Rajasthan.

‘I believe in hard work and my hobby is to help the poor and needy… [but] at times I feel overwhelmed – seeing many needs but having so little that I can do,’ he says.

Yet what Mr. Chouhan can do, he has done, and the outcomes are impressive. His most recent accomplishment was to bring to reality a new computer laboratory at the Sri Sultan School. Working in conjunction with HOPE worldwide and the school’s development committee, Mr. Chouhan coerced, coordinated and cajoled bureaucrats throughout the Rajasthani government system to bring into existence the only computer lab in the district. The facility now provides almost 600 pupils with access not only to computers but to employment in India’s burgeoning IT industry.

Running from department to department, office to office, desk to desk was not easy but Mr. Chouhan’s determination and optimism never wavered. The opening of the lab earlier this year was, for this tireless teacher, a dream come true.

‘Teaching is a noble profession and my passion. In this way, I do my part for the nation… This is the only way to make a future for these students, a future for India,’ he says.

A Little Encouragement

A few months ago Dinesh was having trouble copying down notes from the blackboard. In fact, he was having trouble in finishing all his school work, a sad tale for the last six years. Try as he might he was failing to do well in academics and the strain of constantly failing showed on his young face.

When Dinesh enrolled in the HOPE worldwide summer camp at Sri Sultan Secondary School in Jodhpur, things changed. Suddenly he found that school can be fun! Dinesh revelled in the games and sports, in painting and drawing, and craft activities .But he still showed no interest in the academics.

Once during the lunchtime, the HOPE staff was discussing these matters with the students and Dinesh expressed that he wanted to do well in the class but was scared of being punished for his failures. It was a vicious cycle. The summer camp staff immediately responded by offering encouragement for his small efforts.

‘Well done,’ ‘Hey, great job, Dinesh!’ were some words that Dinesh constantly heard for the next few days.

Almost miraculously, Dinesh transformed into a smart young lad. He scored eight out of ten on his test, he started to help other weak students and his serious face now wore a smile. It was amazing to see what all a little encouragement can do.

Jugal's Story
Many students from small town hold big dreams in their heart but get sidelined by the big competition from the city kids. Such should not be the case and all should receive equal opportunity to learn; with this motto HOPE worldwide is giving Spoken English classes to school students in Jodhpur and Pali.

Jugal was one such student. The reserved yet determined boy, dreams of joining the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). When he joined the classes he lacked both in knowledge and confidence. But he did not let it deter him from learning and joined the extra classes conducted by HOPE worldwide. He regularly attended all the classes. He was very much inspired and helped by the method used by the staff in teaching spoken English. He soon grasped the basics and then brought his elder brother also to join him in the classes. This change was noticed by all, especially his school teachers. Jugal is very grateful to HOPE worldwide for inspiring and guiding him towards his goal.









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