Centre of HOPE - Guwahati

The Centre of HOPE in Guwahati was started on December 2007, with the support of ITC Ltd.to provide free education to the under privileged children of the city so to enable them to become better and responsible citizens. The children of the community have little access to education and often end up begging on the streets or picking up rags and scourging through garbage to earn a few rupees at the end of the day. The centre provides a school and a tuition center for the children. The school has nursery and kindergarten classes while the tuition centre caters to the students of class 1st to 5th standards. The center has expanded to the task of training under-privileged women different skills enabling them to be self –sufficient. These women who had no earnings at all are now able to make use of their time and contribute to the family income. Many of the women who have graduated from the centre have started to earn from home by arranging flowers, making jute bags and sewing clothes. The vocational training centre is currently providing training to women in the interiors of the villages in tailoring, weaving, crochet, and flower arrangement.


Rajat Shah - The lives of the poor are filled with adversity and many people thus loose hope. But the children show remarkable resilience with just few encouragements, Rajat is one such boy who deserves our praise.

Twelve year old Rajat Shah visits the railway tracks, which is near to his house, everyday. As he watches the trains whistling past him, he is reminded of his father, whose body was found at those same railway tracks. People who had found his body said that he had killed himself.

Rajat misses his dad. But it is difficult for him to remember his father fondly. The memories are mostly painful ones. He can mostly recollect his dad’s drinking spells and angry fights with his mom for money.

But his daily visits are for different purpose as the journey on which he is now is not on the same track as that of his father’s. Every evening after school he comes here and puts up a makeshift stall to sell home-made snacks prepared by his mother. By late evening he makes a decent amount and returns home satisfied.

He and his mother make a great team, and she is proud of him. Few years ago with lot of dreams in her heart she had placed Rajat in the Kindergarten of HOPE worldwide school. There was much catching up to do. But through the constant support of his mother and the encouragement and love of the teachers he has shown tremendous progress. Today he is in second standard. The education he receives in his school is not just bookish but also lessons in Moral science to build the characters of the children. All this is helping him to turn out to be a wonderful example for his four siblings and the pride of the school.

Binita - 16 year old Binita is the youngest in her tailoring class. There was some hesitation in the beginning but after she completed her jute and flower making course she grew in her confidence. Her father was hospitalized for a year and due to lack of money she and her siblings had to drop out of the school they were studying in. When they came to know of our school they happily joined except Binita who decided to learn some skills at our vocational centre and also help mother in taking care of father and other household chores. Her mother started to work as a maid to support the family. Binita’s dad recovered from his sickness and resumed his work but he continued to be irresponsible and fell back to his alcoholism. Despite being affected by his dad's irresponsible behaviour Binita dreams of owning a tailoring shop and helping her family to be self-sufficient.

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