Centre of HOPE - Delhi II CDP

There are over 400 million children in India. This is more than the entire population of the United States. According to a UNICEF report, by 2005, the number of children orphaned in India due to all causes, was estimated to be 25,700,000. A huge percentage of these children end up as child labourers. Some estimates point out that nearly 15 million children are employed as child labourers and 1 million of those work in hazardous occupations/conditions. 11,000 children per day are dying because of preventable sickness and diseases. Only 10% of the children have the basic and normal nutrition for healthy growth and well-being. 4 out of every 5 children have neither a chance nor the opportunity to go to school. 1 out of every 6 girls does not live to see her 12th birthday!

Through its community development programmes (CDP), HOPE worldwide aims at providing relief, care, education, and a good life to the children who are orphaned, abandoned, or deprived of basic facilities.

The Asharan orphanage located in Vivek Vihar, Delhi is a licensed home for the abandoned and orphaned children in Delhi. Although the home is authorized to house only 25 children at any given time, over a period of 20 years, the home has been a refuge for 383 children. Adoption facilities available at the home give the children an opportunity to be united with a family. Most of the children arrive malnourished and in need of special care and medical attention. The orphanage spends heavily on items such as milk, cereals, eggs, and special dietary supplements: utensils, bottles and nipples; detergents, toilet soap and baby oil; clothing and linen; electricity, fuel, and transportation; antiseptic lotions, medicines, laboratory tests and hospitalization; and on-site professional staff such as nurses and paediatricians

Apart from the Asharan orphanage, HOPE worldwide’s Education Centre located in the slum areas of Tigri in south Delhi has been changing the lives of hundreds of children. The Education Centre is located in one of the poorest areas of Delhi, where the population struggles without basic amenities like water, electricity, and proper housing. Lack of job opportunities have also led to a growth of anti-social activities affecting the children. Moreover, for the children, there is only one Government school in the area and some private schools that are beyond the financial capabilities of their parents.
Amongst such situations, the Education Centre has been a boon to the residents of the slums. The children now dream of a better life and even adults who had dropped out of school came back to complete their education.

Exec. Director Mark Templer noted, 'SAP Labs is a wonderful partner-they help educate kids in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, take care or orphans in Bangalore and Delhi. Their employees and management are wonderful volunteers.











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